2015 Managed Futures Outlook Released by Attain Capital

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 Volaility Managed FuturesOnce again we are reminding you that we do not predict market directions or how Managed Futures performance will be like in 2015. But it does not mean that we will do away with what we saw and knew in the past year. There certainly were lessons to be learned from 2014, analyzing market conditions, the volatility and all the other factors. We use these data to help us in 2015 and the years beyond.

Our 2014 review starts with reviewing Managed Futures best performance yet since 2008. But of course we realize that it was not a normal stock market crisis or a volatility expansion period environment that boosted Managed Futures. In fact, 64% of the futures markets experience a decline in market volatility based on our measure of the average true range.

So you may ask how come managed futures did so well while all the other markets weakened. We studied the much different volatility expansion in the last six months as well as the movement of the US dollar and how these factors became favorable to managed futures before planning for the year ahead.

Should people expect the same performance for 2015? Which markets will experience volatility expansion or contraction in 2015? For full analysis, you may download: http://info.attaincapital.com/managed-futures-2015-outlook.

Managed Futures Disclaimer:

Past Performance does not necessarily indicate future results. The CFTC regulations stipulate that prospective CTA clients receive a document indicating a disclosure when they are solicited to come into an agreement, where the CTA will guide or direct the commodity interest of a client and highlight that there are certain risk factors. The disclosure contains a thorough description of principal risk factors involved and the fees that will be charged by the CTA to your account.

Source: Attain Capital Management

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