Analyzing Ken Griffins CITADEL ADVISORS Stock Holdings in Q3 2015

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Citadel Advisors Llc 13F Filing

Ken Griffin’s Citadel Advisors Llc just filed its quarterly 13F. Dated 25/12/2015, the 13f report reveals the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $103.78 billion, representing a decrease of $10.31 billion from the previous quarter when it was $114.09 billion. Note: This filling reprents only assets that which are listed in the US.

Portfolio Q32015
Market Value:$103,784,687,000
Previous Mkt Value:$114,094,824,000
Chg Mkt Value %:-9.04 %
Turnover %:7.90 %
Stocks Activity
New Purchases:1168
Additional Purchases:3791
Sold out:1005
Top 10 Holdings %:17.07%

Fund New Stocks

During this quarter, Ken Griffin’s Citadel Advisors Llc new positions included Citizens Financial Group (CFG) for $254.16 million, Paypal Holdings Inc for $170.13 million, Seattle Genetics Inc (SGEN) for $131.96 million, Registered (Prn) (PALO ALTO NETWORKS 0% CB 07/01/2019) for $122.30 million and Registered (Prn) (MERCADOLIBRE 2.25% CB 07/01/2019) for $107.30 million. These were the 5 biggest new positions. In total the hedge fund bought 1168 new stocks.

Portfolio New Buys

Top 5 New Buys
Citizens Financial Group0.24%
Paypal Holdings Inc0.16%
Seattle Genetics Inc.0.13%
Registered (Prn)0.12%
Registered (Prn)0.10%
13F Sector Allocation
Other49 %
Consumer Discretionary10 %
Information Technology9 %
Finance9 %
Energy6 %

Increased Positions

Based on this 13f report the hedge fund lifted its stakes in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Trust (Put) by 18% to $6.82 billion, Spdr S&P 500 Etf Trust (Call) by 98% to $4.88 billion, Netflix Inc (Put) by 75% to $266.53 million, Netflix Inc (Call) by 107% to $292.34 million and Anadarko Petroleum Common Stock Apc (APC) by 29% to $543.79 million. Citadel Advisors Llc also acquired smaller stakes in Amazon Com Inc Cmn Stock (AMZN) by 10.98% to $549.15 million, Powershares Qqq Nasdaq 100 (Put) by 33.14% to $533.53 million and Amazon Com Inc Cmn Stock (Call) by 17.28% to $523.20 million. Building positions gradually is normal trading strategy for many hedge funds.

Sold Holdings

Ken Griffin’s fund sold its stakes in Catamaran Corp (CTRX), Baker Hughes Common Stock Bhi (BHI), Directv (DTV), Receptos Inc (RCPT) and Disney Walt Co (DIS). These securities constituted 0.28 %, 0.18 %, 0.18 %, 0.10 % and 0.08 % of the fund’s portfolio, respectively. We can only speculate about the reasons for the dumping but we believe it has to do with either value, momentum or a better place for Citadel Advisors Llc’s capital.

Portfolio Sold All

Reduced Positions

The fund also cut its postitons in Ishares Msci Eafe Etf (Call) by -6.83%, Priceline Group Inc/The (Call) by -7.45%, Priceline Group Inc/The (Put) by -0.08%, Apple Inc (Put) by -18.01% and Ppg Inds Inc (PPG) by -33.20%.

Top Positions

Spdr S&P 500 Etf Trust (Put), Spdr S&P 500 Etf Trust (Call) and Ishares Msci Eafe Etf (Put) made up the majority of Citadel Advisors Llc’s total US long portfolio in this quarter. These positions were top 3 and constitute 12.38% of Citadel Advisors Llc’s US-listed securities. The top 10 positions make approximately 17.07% of the reported fund’s portfolio.

Portfolio Top Holdings

The chart above provides an overview of Citadel Advisors Llc’s top 10 US-listed stocks in this quarter.

Sector Positions

Information Technology Sector Citadel Advisors Llc - Ken GriffinCitadel Advisors Llc lifted the information technology sector from 8 % to 9 %. According to the 13f report, the institutional investor also has securities for 10 % in the consumer discretionary sector. The health care sector is 5 % of Citadel Advisors Llc’s 13f assets. The fund cut the Materials, Energy and Finance sector positions by 2 %, 8 % and 17 %, respectively.

So these are Q3 2015 fund’s sector weights now: consumer discretionary 10 % for $10.38 billion, information technology 9 % for $9.34 billion, finance 9 % for $9.34 billion, energy 6 % for $6.23 billion, health care 5 % for $5.19 billion, industrials 4 % for $4.15 billion, consumer staples 3 % for $3.11 billion, utilities & telecommunications 2 % for $2.08 billion, materials 2 % for $2.08 billion and transports 2 % for $2.08 billion.

Important Position Changes

Top 10 Q3 2015 New Positions: Citizens Financial Group (CFG), Paypal Holdings Inc, Seattle Genetics Inc (SGEN), Registered (Prn) (PALO ALTO NETWORKS 0% CB 07/01/2019), Registered (Prn) (MERCADOLIBRE 2.25% CB 07/01/2019), The Interpublic Group Of Companies Inc Cmn Stock (IPG), Integrated Device Tech Inc Cmn Stk (IDTI), Registered (Prn) (PRICELINE.COM 1% CB 03/15/2018), A (SERITAGE GROWTH PROPERTIES) and 144A (Prn) (ANACOR PHARMACEUTICALS 2% CB 10/15/2021).

Top 10 Q3 2015 Sold Out Completely: Catamaran Corp (CTRX), Baker Hughes Common Stock Bhi (BHI), Directv (DTV), Receptos Inc (RCPT), Disney Walt Co (DIS), Principal Financial Group (PFG), Edgewell Personal Care Co (ENR), Netflix.Com Inc Common Stk (NFLX), Twenty (FOXA) and Catalent Inc (CTLT).


Download the full 13F form in CSV: Q3-2015-Citadel-Advisors-Llc-Ken-Griffin-13F-Portfolio-Stock-Holdings.csv

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Citadel Advisors Llc – website

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