Bank Of Montreal Just increased Virtus Investment Partners Inc Position

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Bank Of Montreal increased Position in Virtus Investment Partners, Inc

Bank Of Montreal has filled a SC 13D/A form regarding Virtus Investment Partners, Inc . Filing Link: 000119312516625163. Per Bank Of Montreal ’s filing, the filler reported increased stake in the company by 0.01 % to 1,727,896 shares. Bank Of Montreal now owns 22.4% of the Finance-company. This form was required due to trading activity on June17, 2016.

The $34.23 billion institutional investor looks more positive after such an increase of Virtus Investment Partners, Inc’s position.

Why Bank Of Montreal Holds Virtus Investment Partners, Inc

Virtus Investment Partners, Inc Hedge Funds Ownership

Latest SEC filings show 125 hedge funds and institutional investors own Virtus Investment Partners, Inc. The institutional ownership of the company in Q1 2015 is high, at 76.05 % of the shares outstanding. They decreased by 421464 the total shares they hold. As of that quarter these institutional investors owned 6281838 shares. A total of 11 funds opened new positions in Virtus Investment Partners, Inc and 51 increased their holdings. There were 27 funds that closed their positions and 46 that reduced them.

2 investors have the firm in their Top 10. Some of these are: Gator Capital Management Llc..

HEDGE-FUNDS-LIST-DATABASE-FREE Gator Capital Management Llc is the most positive institutional investor on Virtus Investment Partners, Inc, with ownership of 20100 shares as of Q1 2015 for 3.69% of the fund’s portfolio. Matthew A. Weatherbie Weatherbie Capital Llc is another positive player owning 232268 shares of the company or 3.00% of their stocks portfolio. IL Rmb Capital Management Llc have 0.99% of their stock portfolio invested in the stock for 125527. Further, Huber Capital Management Llc disclosed it had purchased a stake worth 1.00% of the fund’s stock portfolio in the company. The AL Vulcan Value Partners Llc was also a notable investor in the firm, owning 587679 shares. Virtus Investment Partners, Inc is 0.77% of the fund’s stock portfolio.

Company Profile

Virtus Investment Partners, Inc. is a provider of investment management and related services to individuals and institutions. The Company provides its products in various forms and through multiple distribution channels. Its retail products include open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange traded funds, variable insurance funds, undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS) and separately managed accounts. Its open-end mutual funds are distributed through intermediaries. Its closed-end funds trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Its variable insurance funds are available as investment options in variable annuities and life insurance products distributed by life insurance companies. Separately managed accounts consists of intermediary programs, sponsored and distributed by unaffiliated brokerage firms, and private client accounts, which are offered to the high net-worth clients of its affiliated managers.

Form 13D is SEC filing that must be submitted within 10 days, by anyone who acquires beneficial ownership of more than 5% of any publicly traded securities. A filer must promptly update its 13D filing in case of acquisition or disposition of 1% or more of the securities that are the subject of the filing. These filings may be a precursor to hostile takeovers, company breakups, and other “change of control” events.

Bank Of Montreal website.

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