Hayman Capital Management Lp

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Portfolio Q32016
Market Value:$63,340,000
Previous Mkt Value:$125,545,000
Chg Mkt Value %:-49.55 %
Sentiment:Very Bearish
Turnover %:0.00 %
Stocks Activity
New Purchases:1
Additional Purchases:0
Sold out:1
Top 10 Holdings %:100.01%

Kyle Bass – Hayman Capital Management Lp Portfolio Holdings

13F Report Date: 9/30/2016

HAYMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Sector Weightings & New Holdings

Top 5 New Buys
Shire Plc (Put)33.67%
13F Sector Allocation
Finance59 %
Health Care34 %
Other7 %
Consumer Discretionary0 %

HAYMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT AUM, Portfolio Value and Historical 13F

Kyle Bass’s Hayman Capital Management Lp had $2.32 billion assets under management as of Tuesday, May 06, 2014. The historical portfolio values of the hedge fund were:

$408,048,000 in 2013Q3 – 13F Filing Available

$774,724,000 in 2013Q4 – 13F Filing Available

$1,042,519,000 in 2014Q1 – 13F Filing Available

$732,409,000 in 2014Q2 – 13F Filing Available

$989,672,000 in 2014Q3 – 13F Filing Available

$325,011,000 in 2014Q4 – 13F Filing Available

$62,734,000 in 2015Q1 – 13F Filing Available

$847,301,000 in 2015Q2 – 13F Filing Available

$216,655,000 in 2015Q3 – 13F Filing Available

$80,152,000 in 2015Q4 – 13F Filing Available

$44,578,000 in 2016Q1 – 13F Filing Available

$125,545,000 in 2016Q2 – 13F Filing Available

$63,340,000 in 2016Q3 – 13F Filing Available

*Institutional Portfolio Holdings information is filed by institutions with over $100 million in AUM on form 13F with the SEC.

*% AUM is the stock or security value as a percentage of the assets under management. AUM is taken from the latest fund filed SEC Adv.

*The portfolio holdings report is limited to stocks and stock options of common and other shares, convertible preferred and convertible bonds. The report does not include cash, real estate and fixed income securities.

*Sentiment could be wrong because the fund might have increase or decrease its portfolio because of investments inflow or because an increase in short positions.


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