ICAHN CARL C Top 10 13F Holdings in Q1 2015

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Icahn Carl C Quarterly Portfolio Highlights

Carl icahnCarl Icahn’s Icahn Carl C just filed its Q1 2015 13F. Dated 26/05/2015, the 13f filing reveals the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $32.05 billion, representing an increase of $155.86 million from the previous quarter when it was $31.90 billion. Note: This filling reprents only assets that which are listed in the US.

Portfolio Q12015
Market Value:$32,051,530,000
Previous Mkt Value:$31,895,671,000
Chg Mkt Value %:0.49%
Turnover %:1.87%
Stocks Activity
New Purchases:0
Additional Purchases:4
Sold out:1
Top 10 Holdings %:89.71%
Top 5 New Buys
13F Sector Allocation
Information Technology12%
Consumer Discretionary9%
Health Care6%

Increased Positions

The hedge fund didn’t report any upped positions in this quarter.

Top 5 Holdings

Icahn Enterprises Lp (IEP), Apple Inc and Cvr Energy Inc (CVI) made up the majority of Icahn Carl C’s total US long portfolio in Q1 2015. These positions were top 3 and constitute 60.37% of Icahn Carl C’s US-listed securities. The top 10 positions make approximately 89.71% of the reported fund’s portfolio.

Portfolio Top Holdings

It seems Carl Icahn ‘s Icahn Carl C holds concentrated portfolio. We wonder do they believe, same as legendary trader Stanley Druckenmiller, that diversification is losing investment approach? The image above provides an overview of Icahn Carl C’s top 10 US-listed equity positions in Q1 2015.

Sector Holdings

Health Care Sector 13F Portfolio of Icahn Carl C - Carl IcahnIcahn Carl C upped the health care sector from 5% to 6%. According to the 13f filing, the active investment manager also has securities for 12% in the information technology sector. The consumer discretionary sector is 9% of Icahn Carl C’s 13f assets. The fund reduced the Energy and Industrials sector positions by 14% and 48%, respectively.

So these are Q1 2015 fund’s sector weights now: industrials 34% for $10.90 billion, energy 14% for $4.49 billion, information technology 12% for $3.85 billion, consumer discretionary 9% for $2.88 billion, health care 6% for $1.92 billion and transports 4% for $1.28 billion.

Important Position Changes

Top 10 Q1 2015 Sold Out Completely: Talisman Energy Inc (TLM).


Download the full 13F form in CSV: Q1-2015-Icahn-Carl-C-Carl-Icahn-13F-Portfolio-Stock-Holdings.csv

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