Insider Stock Trading with Transactions Above 2% of the Market Cap

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Our research shows that Insider Trading Predicted The Last 2 Major Bottoms in The Stock Market!

Insider Buys 2%+ of the Market Cap

Eric Singer, major shareholder of YuMe Inc (NYSE:YUME) Just Acquired Shares

Eric Singer Insider Buy Transaction Eric Singer, an insider and also major shareholder of the famous company YuMe Inc (NYSE:YUME) made a giant acquision, which can’t remain unnoticed. He made…


Martin Shkreli, major shareholder of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:KBIO) Just Obtained Shares

Martin Shkreli Insider Buy Transaction After the disclosing of a public form filled with SEC; a telling investment became apparent. The major shareholder of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:KBIO) , Martin…


The Insider of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:KBIO), Anthion Partners Ii Llc, Bought 713,726 Shares

Anthion Partners Ii Llc Insider Buy Transaction Anthion Partners Ii Llc is an insider of KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:KBIO) . That well-know insider recently paid for 713,726 shares in the…


Alexander Slusky Acquires $9.82 million of Tangoe Inc (NASDAQ:TNGO) in an Insider Trading

Alexander Slusky Insider Buy Transaction Alexander Slusky, an insider of Tangoe Inc (NASDAQ:TNGO) , currently major shareholder recently disclosed a significant transaction with the Security Exchange Commission. As announced in…


SBT Bancorp Inc (OTCMKTS:SBTB)’s director Gary Kevorkian Paid for 25,189 Shares of the Company

Gary Kevorkian Insider Buy Transaction An insider of the company SBT Bancorp Inc (OTCMKTS:SBTB) , Gary Kevorkian also its director, disclosed his trade activities with the U.S. SEC on 13-11-2015.…


Insider Sells 2%+ of the Market Cap

The Insider, Young Sohn Unloaded 137,500 Shares of Veeva Systems Inc (NYSE:VEEV)

Young Sohn Insider Sell Transaction The major shareholder of Veeva Systems Inc (NYSE:VEEV) , Young Sohn, has just unloaded – 137,500 shares of the corporation he’s managing and leading –…


Ralph Lauren just Sold 50,000 shares of Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL), be careful if you are long!

Ralph Lauren Insider Sell Transaction Ralph Lauren, the Ex. Chair – Chief Creative Off. of Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL) , sold 50,000 shares of the company, that are worth approx.…


Insider Trade: Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (NYSE:SNI)’s major shareholder Wendy Scripps Sold 90,000 shares

Wendy Scripps Insider Sell Transaction Wendy Scripps, an insider of Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (NYSE:SNI) , currently major shareholder lately disclosed a substantial sale with the SEC. As shown in…


What after Fuad Elhibri’s Insider Sale of Emergent Biosolutions Inc (NYSE:EBS) Stock?

Fuad El-Hibri Insider Sell Transaction Emergent Biosolutions Inc (NYSE:EBS) ‘s Chairman Fuad Elhibri unloaded 17,871 shares of the firm in a stock market trade dated November 19, 2015. The shares…


Warning BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:BSTC) optimists! Thomas Wegman just Sold 10,849 shares.

Thomas Wegman Insider Sell Transaction Seeing the trade Thomas Wegman made he is in in the stock market eye today. The President & CEO of BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:BSTC) and…



Insider stock trading news helps traders and investors to figure out the fundamentals of companies without researching them. It could also supplement their research positively. Studies have shown that traders can increase their returns by following significant insider transactions and analyzing their actual meaning.

On this page, we try to analyze and filter exactly these transactions. We report insider transactions worth more than 2% of the total company’s market capitalization. These are very important trades and usually guarantee the confidence of the insider in the transaction: buy or sell. In our insider trading news, we report information about the insider, as well as the trade from SEC, including many important statistics and proprietary information such as: level of importance, stock sentiment, trading models, stock analysis, targets as well as what the insider could earn if the target is hit.

Even though it’s possible to trade only based on fundamental information, we, as professionals, never advise and never trade only based on it. We utilize a combination of fundamental and technical analysis and that’s the reason our insider stock trading reports offer outstanding insights and help worldwide traders and investors.

OctaFinance also reports insider trading transactions worth $2+ million and insider trades where the insider owns more than 10% of the company.

OctaFinance reports and news contain information included but not limited to such as: the quantity & value of insider transactions by presidents, directors and other officers almost real time. Details for every specific transaction include, but are not limited to: the date the Form 4 was filled, the trade date, the form url to SEC, the CIK and identity of the reporting insider and his officer title, the number of shares bought or sold, their value based on the average weighted price, insider net worth’s change if our targets are reached, sentiment statistics, company’s information as well as our proprietary trading models. The primary data source is Form 4 filled with SEC, which must be provided to them and filed not later than 2 days of the executed insider transaction.

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