Jim Rogers Doesn’t See The Gold Bottom Yet. The Buying Opportunity Has Still Not Come

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Jim Rogers Interview With Daniela Cambone Kitco Regarding Gold Bottom2

Jim Rogers joined an interview with Kitco reporter Daniela Cambone to reveal his views on the gold market and China. He doesn’t believe the bottom is in but it will come.  He said:

“Gold has its own mind, Sometimes it moves with the dollar, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Rogerssaid that he doesn’t care much about the daily moves and that he is still waiting for the perfect buying opportunity.  He also said that looking east he is very bullish on the Chinese economy, even though the weaker economic data and continued easing in the country.

Jim Rogers Video with Daniela from Kitco:

“I’m bullish on the Chinese markets. My largest stock positions are in Asia – China, Japan, Russia,” he says. “I see more real estate bankruptcies in China, there’s a lot of debt buildup in China. But at the moment, I’m still there and I even bought more last week.” Rogers also has a keen interest in the Russian stock market. Tune in now to get his thoughts on the Federal Reserve and why he thinks they may not even raise interest rates this year. Kitco News, April 30, 2015.

Jim Rogers Other Predictions:

Education Bubble Prediction – MBA is not worth. Studying is hard to pay back.

The Renminbi may double or triple in the next 10 to 20 years.

Jim Rogers : That depends on what you compare with. There are many other currencies that were down. We presume one has earned interest as well even if it’s just put into a CD (certificate of deposit). Don’t forget that those interests get compounded.
But you are right, there are many other investments that could have made a lot more money. But the point is the currency has continued to appreciate and will continue to appreciate. It may be double or triple in the next 10 to 20 years.

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