Jim Rogers: Oil Crash Could Be Great Investment Opportunity

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Jim Rogers Interview Summary:

Jim Rogers wrote about the possible Swiss currency rise 2 years in advance in his book “Street Smarts”. Good call Jim.

The investor’s legend warns that central bankers are ill prepared to manage the highly complex markets.

Printing mountains of currency only increases the debt burden of future generations and doesn’t create prosperity.

Jim Rogers recently added gold mining companies to his portfolio. Same call as one from Marc Faber.

The crude oil implosion may be presenting an investment opportunity. Could this be the bottom?

Oil price chart triangle support-bottom

The super legendary investor Jim Rogers is also watching Russia, China, Japan and their agricultural sectors for investment opportunities. Not long ago he invested in Russian’s PhosAgro OAO (MCX:PHOR) which increased 110% in the last year. One of the strongest stocks in the Russian market.

Source: Gold seek Ratio: GSR interviews JIM ROGERS – Jan 27, 2015

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