Jim Rogers Shares His Investing Plan From Switzerland

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GoldSeek Radio’s Chris Waltzek Interview with Legendary Contrarian Investor Jim Rogers , Peter G. Eliades, Editor and Publisher of Stockmarket Cycles and David Morgan the famous publisher of The Morgan Report.

In the interview from Zurich Switzerland, Jim Rogers shares his investing plan for 2015. Oil appears to be oversold – He expects an important bottom this year. The legendary investor plans to increase his gold positions if the price goes below $1,000 an ounce. He favors equities in China, which is the largest position he has. Fed officials may feel compelled to make an incremental rate hike or two, to save face given the level of rate hike rhetoric. Nonetheless, such efforts will be in vain, the inevitable day of economic reckoning is imminent.

More from Jim: Jim Rogers On Why You Must Understand China and What After North and South Korea Unite.

Jim Rogers Macro and Stock Views

as of January 2015 / These Views Are Taken From Public Sources and Are Edited by OctaFinance Staff

Jim Rogers came into this world in 1942 in the state of Baltimore, Maryland, USA and grew up in the Demopolis, Alabama area in the USA. He has a bachelor degree in the subject of History, which was awarded to him in 1964 by the Yale University, and a second bachelor degree (BA) in Philosophy, Economics and Politics awarded by the Balliol College from the University at Oxford in early 1966. He has shown an early interest in starting and running his own business. At only 5 years old, he had already tried running his own business selling peanuts to local customers and collecting empty bottles at area baseball games.

Jim co-founded Quantum Fund in 1973, which is a series of funds with an international focus, with financial guru George Soros. The funds in Quantum Fund performed very well and out-performance S&P by a very large margin. It gained 4200% over a 10 year period, while S&P only gained about 47% during the same period. In 1980, Mr. Rogers retired from his active roles in the Quantum Fund and became a part-time professor of financial matters at the Business School at Columbia.

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