Key highlights of OXFORD ASSET MANAGEMENT Q3 2015 13F Positions

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Oxford Asset Management Quarterly Filing

Oxford Asset Management just filed its Q3 2015 13F. Dated 02/06/2016, the 13f report shows the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $232.81 million, representing a decrease of $2.59 billion from the previous quarter when it was $2.82 billion. Note: This filling reprents only about 1.66% of Oxford Asset Management’s assets, which which are listed in the US.

Portfolio Q32015
Market Value:$232,805,000
Previous Mkt Value:$2,824,022,000
Chg Mkt Value %:-91.76 %
Turnover %:107.64 %
Stocks Activity
New Purchases:2
Additional Purchases:2
Sold out:618
Top 10 Holdings %:100%

Based on $13.99 billion in assets under management, Oxford Asset Management’s equity exposure represents only 1.66% of assets. Please also note that we can’t know the Oxford Asset Management’s shorts and net exposure.

Fund New Purchases

In this quarter, Oxford Asset Management opened new positions in Solera Holdings Inc (SLH) for $49.30 million and Pepco Holdings Inc (POM) for $8.15 million. These were the 2 biggest new positions. In total the hedge fund bought 2 new stocks.

Top 5 New Buys
Solera Holdings Inc21.18%
Pepco Holdings Inc3.50%
13F Sector Allocation
Energy43 %
Health Care32 %
Information Technology21 %
Utilities & Telecommunications4 %
Finance0 %

Increased Positions

The hedge fund didn’t report any raised holdings in this quarter.

Sold Stocks

This fund disposed its stakes in Catamaran Corp (CTRX), Yahoo Inc (YHOO), Dresser (DRC), Family Dlr Stores Inc (FDO) and Igate Corp (IGTE). These securities constituted 6.16 %, 5.48 %, 4.86 %, 1.60 % and 1.35 % of the manager’s portfolio, respectively. We can only speculate about the reasons for the dumping but we believe it has to do with either value, momentum or a better place for Oxford Asset Management’s capital.

Portfolio Sold All

Reduced Positions

The fund also cut its postiton in Metro Bancorp Inc Pa (METR) by -32.74%.

Top Holdings

Cameron International Corp (CAM), Health Net Inc (HNT) and Solera Holdings Inc (SLH) made up the majority of Oxford Asset Management’s total US long portfolio in this quarter. These securities were top 3 and constitute 96.35% of Oxford Asset Management’s US-listed securities. The top 10 securities make approximately 100% of the fund’s value.

Portfolio Top Holdings

The table above provides a snapshot of Oxford Asset Management’s top 10 US-listed securities in this quarter.

Sector Analysis

Energy Sector Oxford Asset Management - Oxford Asset Management raised the energy sector from 8 % to 43 %. According to the 13f report, the investment manager also has securities for 32 % in the health care sector. The utilities & telecommunications sector is 4 % of Oxford Asset Management’s US-listed long portfolio. The fund cut the Finance and Information Technology sector holdings by 0 % and 21 %, respectively.

So these are Q3 2015 fund’s sector weights now: energy 43 % for $100.11 million, health care 32 % for $74.50 million, information technology 21 % for $48.89 million and utilities & telecommunications 4 % for $9.31 million.

Important Position Changes

Top 10 Q3 2015 New Positions: Solera Holdings Inc (SLH) and Pepco Holdings Inc (POM).

Top 10 Q3 2015 Sold Out Completely: Catamaran Corp (CTRX), Yahoo Inc (YHOO), Dresser (DRC), Family Dlr Stores Inc (FDO), Igate Corp (IGTE), Radian Group Inc (RDN), Jetblue Airways Corp (JBLU), Graphic Packaging Hldg Co (GPK), Klx Inc and Ebay Inc (EBAY).


Download the full 13F form in CSV: Q3-2015-Oxford-Asset-Management-13F-Portfolio-Stock-Holdings.csv

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Oxford Asset Management – website

13F Filing Link: 000108514616003891

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