Managed Futures’ Positive Growth Continues Into 2015, Hedge Funds Returns Not So Good Again

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Managed FutureseVesment is a leading provider of institutional investment data analytics and has the most comprehensive dataset in the industry. They take pride in serving the hedge fund industry with data not available elsewhere. Asset managers use eVestment solutions for competitive analysis, asset flow trend analysis, fact sheet/presentation creation and developing insights on the allocation of pension plans, foundations and endowments.

Hedge funds may not have a good start in 2014 but still fared better than Standard & Poors’ 500 according to eVestment’s January 2015 Hedge Fund Performance Report.

Total hedge fund performance may have lost 3 basis points this January but it outdid S&P 500 by 297 basis points and trailing the Barclays US Aggregate index by 213 points.

Hedge funds however were given a much needed boost at the expense of the unstable situations in Europe especially the Greek elections and its future in the Eurozone and the recent unpredictability of the Swiss Franc. These unfortunate conditions have greatly affected the performance of Europe focused hedge funds.

India focused funds started the year 2015 with great returns at 5.62% in January, still experiencing excellent results which led to their overall outstanding performance in 2014. China funds also posted a good return of 3.32%.

After falling -27.68% in the last three months, Russia funds continue to fall at -4.39%.

Managed futures funds had a 3.04% increase in January and have returned 9.07% for the last six months. Large managed futures fund with AUM of more than $1 billion are continuing to enjoy a solid performance of 6% in January and 16% in the last six months.

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