Marc Faber Podcast with Simon Black from Sovereign Man

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Marc Faber podcast with Simon Black from Sovereign Man about capital controls, international diversification and taxes.

Source: Sovereign Man

Marc Faber was at the Cancun Global Offshore and Investment Summit recently.

Marc Faber is the writer of the GloomBoomDoom report and is a famous contrarian investor, analyst and global trader.

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Marc Faber Macro & Stock Views

  • Short the Australian Dollar on Rebounds
  • Hold Diversified Portfolio
  • Bullish Chinese Stocks
  • Emergings Markets are Better Value Than Developed
  • Higher Volaility
  • Long Gold Miners

as of May 2015

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Marc Faber came into this world on February 28, 1946, in Zürich, Switzerland and graduated from the Zurich University with a P.H. in economics when he was just twenty-four years old. Marc Faber is very famous for correct marco calls, wonderful trading and investing skills, his newsletter named the “Gloom Boom Doom” report as well as his connection with a website which displays and highlights artwork by Kaspar Meglinger named the “Dance of Death”, which is a painting.

Marc Faber sits on a number of investment funds as advisor or director in which focuses primarily on emerging and frontier markets for companies like the Cambodia Fund and also Sri Lanka Holding Funds.

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