Quantmetrics Goes Into Partnership With Lyxor

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Quantmetrics Capital ManagementQuantmetrics Capital Management will be joining Lyxor Asset Management. This would be a welcome addition to Lyxor’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers or AIFM account platform. This will serve as compliance to the AIFMD.

Quantmetics’ investment strategy will be a short term Commodity Trading Advisor programs with investments in all assets classes. This seeks to bring together behavioral insights and quantitative analysis to capture alpha. As an experienced short term systematic trader for futures and with the aptitude to spot FX positions, Quantmetrics aims to take full advantage of temporary price inconsistencies in the U.S., European and Asian financial markets.

Founded by Dr. Mushtaq Shah and James Fowler (who worked together for 17 years in quantitative investment management) in 2003 with London as its base, Quantmetrics specializes in short term systematic strategies with its philosophy deeply rooted in strong academic backgrounds and market experience. It also believes that the alpha can be generated by identifying short term supply and demand imbalances across different markets.

James Fowler, one of the two founders of Quantmetrics said, “With the current environment, institutional investors are finding it difficult to source opportunities that can offer sustainable performance. Our strategies have been developed to generate returns across different market environments. This is especially so at times of crisis, where we believe our niche strategies can exploit short term opportunities in highly liquid futures. We are pleased that Lyxor has chosen to work with Quantmetrics, and we expect institutional investors’ portfolios to benefit from our strategy.”

Lyxor’s Managed Account platform provides access to superior hedge fund selection capabilities, portfolio construction and risk management. This would greatly help investors in making important decisions.

In light with the CTAs significant improvement in 2014, this strategy is, by far, a brilliant move to deliver positive returns to investors.

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