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We at OctaFinance use RightEdgeSystems for backtesting of strategies, correlation analysis, aggregate analysis and anything else you can think of related to financial modelling. Backtest. Automate. Gain Your Edge!

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What is RightEdge:

RightEdge is a trading system development platform based on modern, compiled languages. You can use RightEdge to design, develop and backtest trading systems as well as custom calculations, analysis. RightEdge can also be used to execute fully automated trading systems. The platform is equipped with a cutting edge integrated development environment (IDE) that includes advanced charting features, a full library of technical indicators, data management, and a pluggable architecture that allows for a high level of scalability and customization. You can build trading systems for stocks, futures, forex, options – or to say it, any asset class.

RightEdge supports multiple time frames so that it is valuable to both day traders as well as swing traders. With powerful charting, technical indicators and array of objects such as Fibonacci lines, support and resistance and more, RightEdge will also appeal to those who perform demanding technical analysis. The platform can be used to test multiple systems at once. It offers not only correct portfolio level testing, but also correct multi-currency assets testing. You can trade at once assets in different currencies as well as different trading systems.

RightEdge caters to trading system developers that demand high performance systems utilizing industrial strength data storage for high frequency data. Once a trading system is developed, RightEdge can backtest trading systems, make optimization recommendations, and ultimately interface with supported brokers to execute automated trading systems live. Trading systems are executed in a truly event driven fashion allowing for the same code to be run in a backtest (simulation) or live scenario. RightEdge supports those involved in stock trading, futures trading and forex trading no matter what the time frame!


Real languages to create real trading systems with C# and Visual Basic.NET.
Create fully automated trading systems.
Drag and drop indicators and trading system building.
Over 100 built-in technical indicators.
Historical and real time data retrieval (free sources supported). Get stock data, futures data and options data!
Industrial strength data storage with support for SQL Server, Jet (Access) or XML.
Configurable, customizable charts.
Portfolio level backtesting and optimization.

Constantly Updated and Improved

Latest Build is #53 from 12/10/2014. RightEdge Build 53 Now Available

Free Online Support, Trading Systems, 45 Days Trial

Sign up today and take advantage of the free online support.
Share Trading Systems with the RightEdge Community. They also have a forum and a good documentation.

Built-in Technical Indicator Library

RightEdge includes more than 100 of the most popular technical indicators out of the box. Technical indicators include Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, Simple and Exponential Moving Average, RSI, MACD and more. To see them all please go to the Rightedge website.

Historical Data Providers

MSN Moneycentral

Real Time Data Providers

Open E Cry
Interactive Brokers
GAIN Forex

Preferred Broker Interfaces

Interactive Brokers
Broker Interfaces
Open E-Cry
MB Trading

To Learn more about RightEdge Systems, please visit their website at: http://www.rightedgesystems.com/Introduction.aspx Do not forget to use our Discount code for 10% off:

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