Stanley Druckenmiller Believes Greece Will Leave The Euro-Zone. China Might Look More Positive in 12 Months.

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Stanley Druckenmiller Believes Greece Will Leave The Euro-ZoneGreece Could Leave the Eurozone

We are glad that the 61 years old, Stanley Druckenmiller, the founder of Duquesne Family Office Chairman is giving an interview again. In the video below Stan Druckenmiller shares his views on Greece. He believes it will exit the eurozone and we shouldn’t be worried about that. The contagion will probably be just local and limited. Stan speaks exclusively with the reporter Stephanie Ruhle from Bloomberg today.

The Chinese stock market might be a great investment

Stan Druckenmiller also shares his views and knowledge regarding the state of the Chinese economy and markets. According to him, Chinese H shares are not expensive but in fact he doesn’t even care about the valuation. He is more interested in the transmission mechanism between the economy and the stock market. We might be surprised to the upside in a year.

This is a must watch Video!

EURUSD might go down to 0.8

Stanley Druckenmiller article on why the Euro will probably go down to 0.8 to the Dollar as well as what bubble we are in was also published recently by us.

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