What after Fuad Elhibri’s Insider Sale of Emergent Biosolutions Inc (NYSE:EBS) Stock?

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What after Fuad Elhibri Insider Sale of Emergent Biosolutions Stock-Transactions

Fuad El-Hibri Insider Sell Transaction

Emergent Biosolutions Inc (NYSE:EBS) ‘s Chairman Fuad Elhibri unloaded 17,871 shares of the firm in a stock market trade dated November 19, 2015. The shares were sold at the average stock price of $37.5, for an aggregate transaction of $670,163. He also sold 53,377 shares valued at $1,867,070 USD in the last 30 days. Obviously, the sell raised questions, as Mr. Fuad at the moment has 5.73 million shares, accounting for 14.72 % of the company’s market capitalization. This deal was reported on November 19, 2015 and is already filed with the DC-based SEC. The legal report is available to the public here.

Emergent Biosolutions Inc Stock Rating, Sentiment and Fundamentals

The three expert analysts covering the company’s fundamental health predict the Emergent Biosolutions Inc’s earnings-per-share at $1.51 for the reporting 2015. It is difficult to make conclusions about Emergent Biosolutions Inc’s future just from Fuad Elhibri’s sale because in this filing, the insider also revealed option transactions. In the form, it was reported that Fuad exercised options for 27,900 shares with average price 18.9, worth 527,310.

Rating & Sentiment
PsychSignal Social:SELL
Analysts Rating:BUY
Hedge Funds Sentiment:BUY
Stock Fundamentals
Earnings + FCF Trend:SELL
Sector/Industry Macro:BULLISH
Valuation Models:-
Technical Analysis
ST Trend:UP
MT Trend:UP
LT Trend:UP
OctaFinance Rating*:NEUTRAL

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According to our research and trend-following model, we rate Emergent Biosolutions Inc as Neutral.  Refer to the chart below. Over the last 200 days, Emergent Biosolutions Inc’s stock price has grown by 34.57 % and right now is in reliable uptrend.

Price Chart of Emergent Biosolutions NYSE:EBS Stock

What after Fuad Elhibri Insider Sale of Emergent Biosolutions Stock-Stock-Price-Chart

Source: RightEdgeSystems, Yahoo Split & Dividend Adjusted Data and OctaFinance Interpretations

Just as well-known stock traders (who include Leon Cooperman) stated, the highest returns are made via a mix of both technical as well as fundamental analysis. This doesn’t look to be the case with Emergent Biosolutions Inc’s stock.

Hedge Funds Ownership

Data gathered from SEC filings, show that 178 institutional investors own shares of Emergent Biosolutions Inc. In the last quarter, the firm had 79.70 % institutional ownership. That is a high interest. They increased by 1.14 million the total shares they hold. As of that quarter these banks and hedge funds owned 31.04 million shares. There were 30 funds that created new positions and 71 funds that added to their positions. A total of 20 funds closed their positions in Emergent Biosolutions Inc and 63 reduced their holdings.


Convergence Investment Partners Llc is the most positive institutional investor on Emergent Biosolutions Inc, with ownership of 62,218 shares as of Q2 2015 for 0.20% of the fund’s portfolio. Rmb Capital Management Llc is another positive player owning 108,145 shares of the company or 0.23% of their stocks portfolio. The stock is also 0.09% of the fund’s AUM. The New York-based fund Broadfin Capital Llc have 3.12% of their stock portfolio invested in the company for 1.76 million shares. Moreover, Fiduciary Management Associates Llc revealed it had purchased a stake worth 1.50% of the fund’s stock portfolio in the company. Matarin Capital Management Llc was also a big supporter of the publicly listed company, owning 101,844 shares. Emergent Biosolutions Inc is less than 0.01% of the fund’s stock portfolio.

Emergent Biosolutions NYSE:EBS Company Profile

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that offers specialized products to healthcare providers and Governments to address medical needs and emerging health threats. The Company’s two operating divisions include Biodefense and Biosciences. The Company’s Biodefense division is a pharmaceutical business focused on countermeasures that address CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) threats. The Biodefense division’s marketed products are BioThrax; BAT; Anthrasil; VIGIV, and RSDL. The Biodefense division investigational stage product candidates include NuThrax, PreviThrax, GC-072 and other biodefense product candidates. The Biosciences division’s marketed products are WinRho SDF, HepaGam B, VARIZIG and episil. The Biosciences division investigational stage product candidates include IXINITY, ES414 and otlertuzumab.

Company Website: Emergent Biosolutions

Today its market value is: $1.44 billion and it has 38.91 million outstanding shares. This company has 1280 employees. Currently there are 86.37% shareholders and the institutional ownership stands at 86.37%. Emergent Biosolutions Inc was formed in Delaware on 2003-12-19. The stock closed at $37.369999 yesterday and it had average 2 days volume of 87708 shares. It is up from the 30 days average shares volume of 66086. Emergent Biosolutions Inc has a 52weeks low of $24.10 and a 52 weeks high of $37.50. The stock price is above the 200 days Simple moving average.

* Consists of an option granted under the company’s stock incentive plan on March 10 – 2009.

* All sales listed on this Form 4 were made by the Reporting Person pursuant to a plan adopted on May 11 – 2015 that is intended to comply with Rule 10b5-1(c) under the Exchange Act.

* Mr. El-Hibri’s holdings through Intervac – L.L.C. include 1 – 638 – 403 shares of Common Stock held by Mr. El-Hibri and his wife – as tenants by the entirety – through their 37.7% equity interest in Intervac – L.L.C.; 127 – 721 shares held by Mr. El-Hibri’s wife; and 584 – 207 shares held by trusts indirectly controlled by Mr. El-Hibri or his wife. Mr. El-Hibri disclaims beneficial ownership – for purposes of Section 16 of the Exchange Act or otherwise – of those shares held solely by his wife and those shares held by the trusts.

* Mr. El-Hibri holds individually and with his wife – as tenants by the entirety – an aggregate 89.2% equity interest in Biovac – L.L.C. Biovac – L.L.C. is the direct owner of 1 – 524 – 155 shares of Common Stock. Mr. El-Hibri disclaims beneficial ownership of the shares of Common Stock directly owned by Biovac – L.L.C. for purposes of Section 16 – except to the extent of his pecuniary interest in 1 – 359 – 546 shares.

* The option vested in three equal installments on March 9 – 2010 – March 9 – 2011 and March 9 – 2012.

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