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In our Free Hedge Funds Database we have listed more than 4000+ hedge funds and institutional investors. Click on the name of any of the funds below and you will be redirected to the hedge fund profile page. There you can see the fund’s summary, employees, AUM, portfolio values, historical 13F, current portfolio, holdings, new positions, sector weights, sentiment, turnover, top 10 holdings and more.
Q3 2016 Database Update Finished! 4,016 Funds Updated.

Top Hedge Funds

Our hedge fund list could also be sorted by rank, AUM, portfolio. We have listed also some of the top hedge funds in the industry. By the third quarter of 2016, the worldwide value of assets under management or AUM of the industry is at $2.633 trillion and may continue to grow in the next years. If you refer to our what is a hedge fund‘s page you can even see the hedge funds assets separated by strategy. All that completely free!

You can use our hedge funds list to browse and filter hedge funds and institutional investors by state as well as AUM, quarterly portfolio value, employees and clients. Example on how to find New York Hedge Funds is shown below:

In our database we have listed:

858 New York hedge funds and institutional investors
453 California hedge funds and institutional investors

264 in Massachusetts, 196 in Illinois, 183 in Texas – Dallas, 172 in Connecticut hedge funds and institutional investors, 161 in Pennsylvania, 107 in New Jersey, 92 in Florida, 86 in Ohio, 76 in Virginia, 71 in Maryland, 66 in Georgia, 61 in Washington, 61 in Michigan, 60 in Minnesota, 57 in Wisconsin, 54 in Colorado, 54 in Missouri, 54 in North Carolina, 43 in Tennessee, 28 in Indiana, 28 in Oregon, 24 in Kansas, 24 in Kentucky, 23 in Nebraska, 20 in Delaware, 19 in New Hampshire, 19 in Arizona, 17 Alabama hedge funds, 15 in Iowa, 13 in Arkansas, 12 in Oklahoma, 11 in Vermont, 10 in South Carolina, 9 in Louisiana, 8 in Utah, 8 in West Virginia, 5 in Hawaii, 5 in Idaho, 5 in Montana, 6 in Nevada, 4 in New Mexico, 4 in South Dakota, 4 in Wyoming, 3 in North Dakota, 3 in Mississippi.

We have listed also: 118 uk hedge funds, 86 Canadian hedge funds – mainly based in Ontario and Quebec. Click on the name of the hedge fund to be redirected to the hedge fund’s profile page.

For hedge funds database country and state codes:

In our Hedge Funds List/Database the data such as: Employees, Clients, AUM and States are taken from the latest funds’ Security Exchange Commission Adv forms. For the specific ADV form date please refer to the fund’s profile page. More about hedge funds from and Wikipedia.

If the hedge funds stats, profiles or data is displayed to the public in any form, the service data must be accompanied by attribution to Octafinance in an easily readable form within the same display, whether online or in print. If online, the attribution must read “Data from Octafinance” and the attribution text must be hyperlinked to OctaFinances’ website, http://www.octafinance. A different form of attribution may be permitted upon approval by Octafinance. Contact us for an approval.

You may post charts or other types of data displays containing limited amounts of the data on a web site, publication, email or within messages posted on social media outlets visible to the public. You may not display the data in a way that allows viewers to see or make use of large amounts of the data systematically, such as incorporating a hedge fund lookup feature in a blog/website that allows viewers to cycle through data displays for many or all hedge funds, or incorporating screening features that allow viewers to derive lists of hedge funds. You may redistribute any derived data without restriction but limited to 2% of the entire database in any form including as raw data.

Don’t forget to also check our completely free hedge fund news section on more than 4000+ funds and their managers. Read about their trades, portfolios, managers, strategies and returns. Feel free to also visit our hedge fund returns rank where we have ranked the top 60 hedge funds by annualized returns since inception and listed their trading strategies and styles.