Octa Finance welcomes discussions and proposals from potential investors willing to finance the future expansion of our growing business. The team’s present target is to raise up to $5 million USD to broaden our worldwide news coverage, financial analysis, and intelligence, to improve the quality and range of services Octa Finance offers, and to be in a better position to compete in the multi-billion dollar advertising and financial subscriptions market currently covered by a variety of companies.

Business and Potential

Octa Finance provides press releases, news, and reports from more than 150 countries and 50,000 companies, as well as financial intelligence and analysis on hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, companies, and a variety of international markets. Because most of our content is very high quality, unique, and seen nowhere else, we are able to retain visitors and clients better than our competitors. We aim to achieve the 5 million visitors mark per month by the end of 2015 and to list the company on US and Hong Kong exchanges by 2017.


Because more than 90% of our business costs are fixed, we can easily control our finances and are also not exposed to inflation risk. Not only this, but our current infrastructure and business setup allows us to increase our visitors and clients base by more than seven times without significantly increasing our costs. This, combined with the stability of revenue from advertising and subscriptions, means that our future growth translates into an ever-increasing net income.

Currently, Octa Finance is 100% in the hands of its owners. The company’s structure and management is very simple and easy to understand.

If you are interested in participating in the company’s growth plan, please fill out the form below.