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Felix Zulauf Macro Views

  • Bearish Stocks – Deflation Coming. 15%+ Stock Correction in Spring 2015.
  • 2015 Will be Good Year for Traders Because of High Volaility
  • Oil Decline is bad for the Economy as Oil-Jobs are High Paying
  • Bullish USD January
  • Expects USD Correction between Spring and Middle-year
  • Expects Strong USD again from late 2015 to until late 2016.
  • US Bond yields to go down – to 2% or even less
  • Short Singaporean Dollar

as of January 2015

Felix Zulauf Bio

Felix Zulauf was born in 1950 in Switzerland. His career started in 1973 at the age of 23 as a trader for the Swiss Bank Corporation where he mastered research and portfolio management at many leading investment banks in France, Switzerland and USA. After that he worked at UBS Switzerland where between 1977 and 1988 he was the manager of UBS’s global mutual funds, and a leader of the institutional portfolio management division. He was also a global strategist for the UBS Group. Before starting his own fund he also held positions at Clariden Bank where between 1988 and 1990 he was in charge of the bank’s investment policy. After he left Clariden Bank in 1990, he started his own hedge fund “Zulauf Asset Management”. In 2001, he promoted two of his employees to partners and sold the majority of his company to them. He wanted to decrease the stress from managing money. Therefore, from 2003 onward, he acted only as an advisor. Mr. Zulauf mainly focused on macro and strategic issues within the firm. In the spring of 2009, Zulauf Asset Management was split in two parts and Felix Zulauf fully owns the split-off Zulauf Asset Management AG focusing on managing a conservative global macro fund as well as some advisory activities to selected family offices and institutions. Today, not only he is still the president of Zulauf Asset Management AG but he is also the senior portfolio advisor of 300 North Capital’s Global Macro Strategy Fund. Mr. Felix Zulauf is also a long-standing member of the Barron’s Roundtable where every year he shares with the world his view on investment and economic matters. Felix Zulauf is an advocate of the thesis that economies and financial markets move cyclically. This view and belief has helped him to preserve capital during difficult times like the bear market in stocks between 1973 and 1974. He is a member of Barron’s Roundtable for over 20 years. He is also well known in the investment world with multiple accurate investment predictions which helped thousands of investors worldwide.

Personal Info

Felix Zulauf Age – 65 Years old
Career Duration and Experience – 44 Years
Barron’s Roundtable Member – 24 Years
Current Service – Zulauf Asset Management AG a company located in the Switzerland’s offshore zone Zug. He is also senior portfolio advisor of 300 North Capital’s Global Macro Strategy Fund.
Zulauf Asset Management AG was founded in 1990 and manages $1.7 billion according to MacroAxis.
Investment Principles – Cycles Advocate, Invests Based on Macro Views and Cycles.

Notable Achievements:

– Predicted the Japanese stock market bubble and that it will peak in 1990. He recommended buying Nikkei puts in the end of 1989
– Predicted the Asian crisis and its impact to some countries where he shorted the stock markets and profited.
– Felix Zulauf correctly predicted the rise of Gold for the last several years and helped many investors and funds achieve better portfolio returns.

Zulauf Asset Management

Zulauf Asset ManagementZulauf Asset Management AG was established in 1990 when Felix Zulauf founded it and became the fund’s president and owner. The fund is located in Zug, a canton of Switzerland with a low taxation regime and It was last reported that the fund manages $1.7 billion. Zulauf Asset Management advisory services are mainly based on cyclical prognosis. According to Felix Zulauf the development in capital markets and economies is not linear but cyclical. That is why he believes that financial markets go through long spun periods from over-valuation to under-valuation over periods of 14 – 24 years. Through a business cycle, not only the economy goes through different stages but also the prices of different assets. Extensive research and analysis of the economic and market trends reveals where the economy is in its cycle and to specific ideas of what asset classes’ value should go up or down.

According to the Felix Zulauf principles there are four important market analyses.

– The monetary policies of governments reveal how much liquidity is available to be invested in different assets.
– The valuations of different investments where we can see the reward and upside potential as well as the level of risk involved.
– Momentum is used to see the power of up and down trends as well as the overall state of a specific bull or bear market.
– Sentiment is used as a contrary indicator when it goes to extremes.

Examples of clients that use the advisory services of Zulauf Asset Management AG are Cronus Fund, BCA Research, 300 North Capital and others. Zulauf Asset Management has between 50 and 100 employees and has revenues in the range of $10 – $25 million. The firm is also registered with SEC and manages several accounts in USA for an aggregate amount of $50+ million.

Website: Zuam.ch
Mailing address: Grafenauweg 4, ZUG, 06300, Switzerland