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Ken Fisher was born in 1950, in San Francisco, CA, USA. He studied forestry in the Humboldt State University as well as economics. He was awarded an economics degree by the State University of Humboldt in 1972. He was awarded Humboldt’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 2007 for his contribution to the financial industry and his ongoing interest and study in redwood ecology. He knew from an early age that investment was in his blood and that it was what he wanted to establish his career in. Over the course of his adolescent and high school years, he dedicated his time and attention to studying so that he would be able to make the grade to go to college. This was extremely important to him, and he worked hard to obtain it. After leaving college he started small by going in to his dads business, but after just a few short years, he skyrocketed to the top with his own company that is a recognized name to most investors all across the globes. It is hard to obtain such a reputation internationally, but somehow fisher beat the odds.

Mr. Fisher started his career working for his dad, a noted author and money manager after graduation in 1972. In 1979, he established his own money management firm, Fisher Investments. The firm’s clients were spread across the US, UK, and Canada, and include large corporations, public pension plans, endowments, foundations, and individuals with high net worth. In 2003, he collaborated with a German money manager, Thomas Grüner. In 2007, he co-founded Grüner Fisher Investments with Thomas Grüner. In the same year, he founded Fisher Investments Press with John Wiley & Sons. The press had since published a variety of investment educational books for a wide range of investors. Forbes published his stock performances, based on those stock picks that he had announced in his monthly columns “Portfolio Strategy” in Forbes magazine over the past 14 years. It was noted that his stock picks outperformed the S&P overall average. In addition, it outperformed S&P for eleven years out of the 14 years. In 2011, Investment Advisor Magazine ranked him as a top 25 investor in its list of most influential people in the investment and financial industry.

Today, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fisher Investments, a money management firm he had founded in 1979. He is also a widely published investment analyst. In addition, he writes a monthly column (Portfolio Strategy) for Forbes Magazine, as well as contributions to other news and financial magazines. He is also the author of seven books and research papers in behavioral finance. He has an estimated net worth of US $2.8 billion as of January 2015. Fisher Investment is one of the largest wealth manger in the United States, managing an estimate of US $42 billion for 38,521 customers in 2012. He has impacted the industry and is known as one of only 30 people who made the Investment Advisor’s listing for being part of the top 30 influential people of the last three decades. That is a pretty major accomplishment to have under your belt.

Ken Fisher Personal Info

Ken Fisher Age – 64 Years old
Career Duration and Experience – 35 Years
Current Service – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fisher Investments, Co-owner of Fisher Investments Press, books author, and writer for Forbes Magazine’s monthly Portfolio Strategy column.
Investment Principles – Using Capital Markets Technology developed in-house, to identify and exploit unique information for investment purpose. Flexible approach; will adjust investment strategy as investing styles changes over time. First analyse factors pertaining to macro-level economic, sentiment, and politics to determine key portfolio drivers. Then decide which countries and sectors. Stock selection will be the last focus. Portfolio will also be international to maximize opportunities.

Notable Achievements:

– Founded Fisher Investment, a global money management firm, in 1979.
– Co-founded Grüner Fisher Investments with Thomas Grüner in 2007.
– Founded Fisher Investments Press with John Wiley & Sons in 2007. The company publishes books related to the Finance sector.
– He was awarded the inaugural Tiburon CEO Summit award in recognition of his Challenging Conventional Wisdom.
– His stock picks in the Forbes magazine’s monthly column outperformed S&P for 11 years out of 14 years, with an overall outperformance against S&P according to a 2010 Forbes report.
– One of the top 25 most influential figures in the financial industry according to Investment Advisor Magazine in 2011.
– Listed on the 2010 Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans. His estimated net worth is US $1.7 billion as of March 2012.
– Listed on Forbes list of billionaires in the world in 2010.
– Author of seven books and research papers in behavioral finance.

Additional Information

Ken Fisher is an avid writer. He has written 7 books in investment (of which 4 are listed as the New York Times Best Seller) as well as various research papers, columns and contributed articles to various financial and investment magazines and periodicals. Books that he had written and published include ones that have made the New York Times Best Seller list. His books are highly recommended and are loaded with an array of valuable financial investment information and strategies. Fisher has clearly left his mark on the financial world with his philosophies and his flex approach to investing. He has had phenomenal success considering the age he started and the fact that his company is totally independently owned.

Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments is an international money manager with clients all over the United States, Canada and UK. It is one of the largest independent investment advisors. It has billions of dollars under management, and thousands of clients. It is managing money for more than 25,000 private clients, and more than 100 large institutional clients, including fortune 500 firms, foundations, governments and endowments. It helps clients achieve success by the Fisher method.