John Burbank began his success by using borrowed money from credit cards to starting trading. Burbank is different than many other hedge funds in that he lost close to all of the money he borrowed, being $50,000. This plunge only taught John how to invest better, teaching him that short term trading was almost same as gambling. He quickly learned that making money would only happen after a lot of research and plenty of patience, good skills and experience. Studying investors like Warren Buffet taught John Burbank that diversification was only for people who do not know what they are doing.

John Burbank founded Passport Capital in the year 2000. In 2007, Passport Capital bad a killing as John Burbank positioned the fund and predicted the disastrous housing market bubble in the United States. He shorted the stocks of the sub prime lenders. Burbank was completely confident in his research and position, not fretting over the lowered market, and continued to double his credit swaps. The success was noticed by investors and Passport Capital quickly doubled in size, reaching $4.6 billion in assets. There is a one million dollar minimum for those who are looking for Passport to manage their money, along with a one to three year lockup. Please contact the fund directly, as this might have changed and is not public information.

Burbank has used his unique personality along with his amazing talents to transform large financial gains for himself, his clients, and his business altogether. Burbank has traveled all around the world, teaching as far out as Ningbo, China. He relieved his English Literature degree from Duke as well an MBA from Stanford. For the first three years of his career, he worked at ValuVest as a researcher.

John Burbank began Passport Capital focusing on research and a lot of diligence, expecting his staff members to have PhDs in sciences. At Passport Capital, months are spent in researching new ideas before money is put out. When research is completed, positions are then established. Passport Capital strongly emphasizes on their research, going on the “boots on the ground” research approach. Located in San Francisco, staff members travel around the world.

John Burbank expects that investors will continue to spend their capitals in other flourishing emerging markets like China and India. The growth in consumer class of these countries will allow for a demand in gold, silver, oil, and etcetera. Passport Capital proudly invests itself in potash to help feed growing populations and rich diets.

John Burbank’s Personal Information

• Burbank graduated from Duke University, earning a B.A. in English Literature
• Burbank earned a M.B.A. in Business from Stanford Graduate School
• Burbank worked as a cookware salesman, going door to door, and a hot dog vendor on the street before breaking out into the financial industry
• Mr. Burbank founded Passport Capital in the year 2000
• Burbank worked for JMG Triton Offshore, Ltd. as a macro themes consultant
• Burbank worked for ValueVest in the Director of Research position

Notable Achievements

– Mr. Burbank founded Passport Capital LLC in August of the year 2000
– Mr. Burbank worked at Bay Area, a hedge fund company, and held a variety of investment research positions from 1996 until 2000
– Mr. Burbank was employed by numerous start-up firms, and held positions as a private investor for them, starting in 1992 and working until the year 1996
– Correctly spotted and profited from the housing crash

Additional Information

Burbank enjoys his leisure time, in particular, he likes watching baseball games. He has been quoted to say that it is for strategy mainly, he doesn’t necessarily like the athletics.

Passport Capital LLC

If a business is getting to the point of growing and becoming high in demand with a robust market standing, then Passport Capital is interested in working with them. With a combination of sector analysis and macro-economics fueling their research, Passport Capital can help ascertain opportunities subsequent to service and consumer sectors, intellectual property common to the technology, brands, and the power of networks, select natural resource scarcity, and emerging economics. Most of their investments focus on emphasizing equity securities that are public. Passport Capital is also known for making investments that are highly targeted in swap contracts, equity derivatives, and choice private companies. The goal that Passport Capital sets is to achieve high compounded risk-adjusted profits in all of their investment tactics. The firm uses a multitude of hedging procedures and believes that their greatest risk management approach is intense research. They define their intense research with high standards and make sure they consult the industry as well as regulatory and legal advisers.
Passport Capital has many strategies that include global strategies, long-short strategies, the MBS strategy, the Materials strategy, the energy strategy, the special opportunities strategy, and the materials all cap strategy. Each strategy is unique in its own way and has its own standards. When you talk with a professional at Passport Capital, your financial advisor will make sure that you look at all the options and they will help you choose the strategy that best fits your financial goals. Quality is the number one goal at Passport Capital, that and making sure you see the profits you are financing.