Hyman Beck and Company Global Portfolio

Hyman Beck and Company is the asset manager of institutions and high net worth individuals. It has a portfolio in over 70 markets. Included in its portfolio are futures, currencies and currencies of G-20 countries, commodities, equity indices, metals, energy and fixed income.

It provides investors with positive returns that are uncorrelated and long based on benchmarked indices. The firm is unbiased on time horizons and market scenarios; it makes positions on either short or long term and either positive or negative environments. Diversification is also achieved with alternatives to portfolios that are only composed of stocks and bonds. It provides asset management that is systematic, alternative and has positions on wide variety of global markets.

With the founders’ experience and the Hyman Beck Company employees’ expertise in quantitative research and analysis, trading and development of products, the firm has grown to be one of the leading alternative investment managers. The firm is the recipient of Absolute Returned Managed Futures Fund of the Year Award on 2009.

Hyman Beck Company uses the Global Portfolio (GP) system, it is a diversified and quantitative program. It started on 1991. It uses Risk Management and provides returns that are uncorrelated, long and traditional indices.

Company Background

Co-founders and also the firm’s principals are Alex Hyman and Carl Beck. They started the firm on 1991.

Goals in Investment

The goal of Hyman is to provide clients with uncorrelated returns from appreciation of capital coming from a portfolio that is diverse.

Markets Traded

Equity indices, commodities, currency and currencies of G-20 countries, fixed income, metals, energy and futures are being traded.


GP is a systematic program. It uses trend following trading strategies that makes use of techniques that are quantitative and mathematical. Models are used to locate price trends that are intermediate and long term.

Trading can occur within more than 1 year. To minimize bias, strategies are based on measurements of correlation and volatility. GP produces entry and exit signals for trade. The composition of the portfolio is dependent on principal component analysis and the liquidity of the market.

Risk management is included in every model. The focus of the risk management is the preservation of capital. The portfolio is created to be focus on the clients and provides transparency. GP participates only in liquidity provisions that are desired using instruments that are regulated. The models of the GP are a result of years of research and continuing development.

Key Personnel

Alexander Hyman

Alexander Hyman is the President and principal of the firm. He owns 50% of the firm and is in charge of all trades and management of money along with co-founder Carl J. Beck. Prior to founding Hyman Beck Company, he occupied several positions such as the First VP, Associate Director and Director of the Managed Futures Division of Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc and Dean Witter Futures & Currency Management, Inc. In his tenure at Dean Witter, he was in charge of product development. For Demeter Management Corporation, he was also a Director.

In 1983, he received his B.B.A. degree in International Business and Economics from the Hosfra University.

Carl J. Beck

Carl J. Beck is the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and also a principal of the firm. He owns the remaining half of the firm. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Cotton Exchange and the New York Board of Trade. Prior to founding the firm, he occupied several positions such Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager and CTA for Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. and Dean Witter Futures & Currency Management Inc.

There he was in charge of management of trades. He was also an employee of J. Aron & Co. from 1984 to 1985. He was a member of the Board of Managers of Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange, Inc. from 1994 to 2001.

In 1983, he received his B.A. in Economics and in 1989 his M.B.A. in Finance both from the New York University.


Management fee is 2%, performance fee is 20% and the minimum investment is $1,000k.

2014 Performance Statistics

Annualized volatility is at 18.62%. Sharpe (RFR= 1%) is at 0.54. CAROR is at 9.80%. Assets are at $181.3 million. Worst DD to date is -33.24 and S&P Correlation is at -0.10. Year to date is at 15.72% with DEC at 8.50%.