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Marc Faber Macro & Stock Views

  • Short the Australian Dollar on Rebounds
  • Hold Diversified Portfolio
  • Bullish Chinese Stocks
  • Emergings Markets are Better Value Than Developed
  • Higher Volaility

as of January 2015

Marc Faber Bio

Marc Faber came into this world on February 28, 1946, in Zürich, Switzerland and graduated from the Zurich University with a P.H. in economics when he was just twenty-four years old. Marc Faber is very famous for correct marco calls, wonderful trading and investing skills, his newsletter named the “Gloom Boom Doom” report as well as his connection with a website which displays and highlights artwork by Kaspar Meglinger named the “Dance of Death”, which is a painting.

Faber was employed by the White Weld and Company Limited located in New York as well as Zurich and Hong Kong. He later established his own company which he named Marc Faber Limited. He has since settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand but maintains a modest office in the Hong Kong area. Nury Vittachi selected him as the subject of his biography of Faber where he uses Faber’s well known nickname “Doctor Doom.” His Doctor Doom news report can be found on Financial Sense Hour webpage where current and archived streams can be accessed through win amp, real player and windows media player. In his publications and news reports, he frequently refers to other reports and resources that solidify his statements, claims and opinions. Marc Faber is famously known for this nickname due to his long reputation of being a contrarian (someone who argues against the popular and most widely accepted opinion about concepts, ideas, beliefs etc.) investor. He frequently guest speaks for many forums and television programs and internet radio shows as well as engages the likes of the Barron’s Roundtable. Although he is contrarian, his points at many times seem valid and hold a certain amount of credibility among his peers. He is respected in his field and doesn’t mind that people think of him as being the doom guy. He calls things like he sees them and has had a good run of success through the years.

Marc Faber Personal Info

Marc Faber Age – 69 Years old
Career Duration and Experience – 45 years
Current Service – Swiss Investor, writer and guest speaker, investment advisor concentrating on value investments
Investment Principles – Known as the “Doom and Gloom” investor

Notable Achievements:

Wonderful Investment Track Record

University of Zurich magna cum laude

Raced in the Swiss Ski Team Nationally

Famous for advising clients to back out of the stock market a week prior to before the crash in October 1987

Author of The Gloom & Doom Report, employed by White Weld and Company from 1970 to 1978.

Additional information:

Marc Faber sits on a number of investment funds as advisor or director in which focuses primarily on emerging and frontier markets for companies like the Cambodia Fund and also Sri Lanka Holding Funds.

He founded and established Marc Faber LTD and concentrates on value related investments which have a great upside which also have the foundation of a contrarian investment type of attitude. Faber will also often serve as fund manager for higher income clients. Faber likes to make an appearance on the investment panel and his statements are frequently quoted by the financial media solely because of his individual alternative viewpoint which proves to be very a non-conformist philosophy. His most infamous quotes advises investors to purchase a U.S. bond to the sum of $100 U.S. dollars and give it as a gift to their children, then force them to watch the value of the bond diminish over the course of twenty years. However, Faber denies any weight to his advising clients to back out of the market before the crash in 1987 claiming it was merely coincidental.

Farber did, however, lose money by stock shorting in 1999, proving him not so infallible, but he was vindicated later admitting the difficulty of timing within the market. Otherwise, his track record proves that he provides solid and more often than not very accurate market advice, proven by his prediction of various commodities such as oil and precious metals and with almost a third eye predicted the devaluing of the U.S dollar over the last several years.

Faber has noted the lack of value investments aside from farmland and some real estate provided through markets in Paraguay, Uruguay and Russia. His thinking as he stated in 2007 was that there was an imminent market correction on the horizon as quoted by Fox news in February 2007, and in March of that same year, he claimed that U.S. equities had already been overvalued even less than newer markets. Bloomberg interviewed him in June of ‘08 and sat through his views, which were very bearish in nature, towards many different investment opportunities such as stocks and commodities.

Marc Faber has been very skeptical of the inflationary actions of Fed’s and assumes hyperinflation within the course of the next ten years. This differs slightly from 2008 when he expressed bullishness in the American dollar prior to its recovery and also the anticipation for yen holding – Japanese currency. Faber does not expect recovery until perhaps five or ten years from now.

Along with his publication “Doom and Gloom” (which highlights unusual investment opportunities) Faber has authored many books in his endeavor to shed light on the stock market and provide sound and stable advice towards an ever changing stock market. He has also participated in the creation of many leading publications throughout the world including “International Wealth.” His book “Tomorrow’s Gold- Asia’s Age of Discovery” was initially published in 2002 and was listed as one of Amazon’s best sellers. It is currently being translated into several languages such as Japanese, Chinese and German as well as Thai and Korean. His attitude towards the American economy remains prolific and controversial as he continues progressively in bearish jokingly remarks about rebates from the feds, and foreign companies receiving money from our American based companies. He also jokes about the foreign countries that receive benefits from our use of oil and energy. Even as far as to say that the only thriving part of American economy is prostitutes and beer. That is a pretty bold statement to make, but Marc Faber clearly has a mind of what is right or wrong and is not afraid to stand by the beliefs that he holds.