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Drury Capital uses a trend following strategy that is executed using systems on a diversified portfolio. The goal of the firm is to achieve long term growth of capital while focusing on returns that are adjusted based on risk.

Drury Capital uses a variety of trend-following models. With its many models, Drury is able to achieve diversity, using any kind of instrument. It is away from single entry and exit points. With these features, the volatility of the portfolio is reduced with these features.

Drury Capital aims to have a net performance of 20% per year and volatility levels at 17%. Losing trades are given 2 months while the average duration of a winning trade is at 6 months.

Drury Capital is located in Princeton, NJ. Principal is Bernard V. Drury.

Company Background

Founded by Bernard V. Drury, he is the principal of the firm.

Goals in Investment

The goal of Drury Capital is capital growth that is long term through returns that are using risk adjusted rates.

Markets Traded

Half of the portfolio of Drury Capital is in financial markets and the other half in commodities. For financial markets, currencies, interest rates and stock indices have equal weightings. For commodities, agricultural products, metals and energies also have similar weightings.


The firm makes use of the Drury Diversified Trend Following Program. Participating in more than 40 markets, it completely uses a trend-following system. Half of the trades done are on the financial markets and the other half are on the physical commodities.

Drury Capital enters into early trends, leaves when the trends fail and hold on to winning trends for long periods. Trading and investment information is proprietary.

Key Personnel

Bernard V. Drury

Bernard V. Drury is the creator of the Drury Capital trading methodology. Since 1978, he has been active in the future markets. Prior to his development of his methodology, he was an analyst and trader for Goldman Sachs Princeton from 1997 to 1999. He worked on grain markets.

Since 1978, he used trend following research to refine his skills for grain trade. With the success of his research, he was able to develop the Diversified Trend Following Program. It is a system that is independent and trend-following. In 1978, he completed his B.A. in Russian, cum laude in Dartmouth and in 1993, his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.


Investment is at a minimum of $5,000k with a management fee of 2% and a performance fee of 20%. Minimum investments and fees vary for specific accounts. They can be negotiated with the CTA and the account holder.

2014 Performance Statistics

Drury Capital Performance

Annualized volume is at 20.14%. Sharpe (RFR= 1%) is at 0.60. CAROR is at 11.68%. Assets are at $231 million. Worst DD to date is -32.52 and S&P Correlation is at -0.18. Year to date is at 23.02% with NOV at 9.64%.