Jews are well-known for being entrepreneurs, traders and business-people who beat the market odds. Out of the best 25 money managers since the advent of American Capitalism, 17 are Jewish! It is something that leaves many people dumbfounded because its probability of occurring is almost zero therefore very difficult to compute. Some of these in top 25 are of course very famous names: George Soros, Steven Cohen, James Simon, David Tepper, John Paulson, Carl Icahn, Daniel Loeb, Leon Cooperman, Seth Klarman, Israel Englander, David Einhorn, Bruce Kovner.

Some of the Top Jewish Hedge Fund Managers Are

George Soros: the chairman and founder of Soros Fund Management, as well as the founder of Quantum Fund. He is reported to have returned 20%-plus annualized in the last four decades. What this means is that if $10 million was invested with his hedge fund 40 years ago and compounded at an annual rate of 20%, it would be worth a whopping $14 billion today! Can you image what 30% annualized compounded returns could make?

James Simon (who was raised in Jewish family) is the first in our hedge funds return rank with 35%+ annualized returns in 27 years. David Tepper is another hedge fund start with 27% annualized returns for 22 years active management.  Steven A. Cohen has achieved more than 30% annualized returns for 20+ years. All of them were also raised in Jewish families.

Other top hedge fund managers who are either wholly or partly Jewish include:

John Paulson (Jewish mother, non-Jewish father), who made 12% + return for 19 years. Carl Icahn (both parents ethnic Jews but father an atheist) returned 21% annualized for 15 years.

Others include Larry Robins, Daniel Loeb, Leon Cooperman, Eddie Lampert, Daniel Och, Nelson Peltz, Israel Englander, Seth Klarman, David Einhorn and Marc Lasry, Michael Steinhardt, Bruce Kovner.